What is a difference between Velocity Micro Cruz T410 and T408 ?

What is a difference between the latest released tablet of Velocity, the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet T410 and Kindle Fire killer, T408, and also which one is the best deal for this Christmas shopping season ?

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First of all, a difference between Velocity Micro Cruz T410 and T408 is its screen size, and that’s it !, while Velocity Micro Cruz T408 offers a 8 inch multitouch capacitive screen with 4:3 screen ratio, Velocity Micro Cruz T410 is offering a 10 inch display size with 16:9 screen ratio, the question is should you pay more 50 USD to upgrade screen from T408 to T410 ?, in my opinion, I think 16:9 is a very useful  screen ratio, it will fit perfectly with video watching, it is the same ratio as your widescreen HDTV,  T410′s screen ratio may not works well with photo watching since almost of photo do not come with widescreen ratio, in contrast, the 4:3 ratio may hold easier, this is the same ratio as IPad 2.

Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet T410 - 10-Inch Android Tablet with Flash

The down side of T408 still occurs on Velocity Micro Cruz T410, it comes with a very disappointed battery life, with 2 hours for Wi-Fi connection and internet surfing as well as game playing, but don’t forget, by far, Velocity Micro Cruz T410 is one of the best price on 10 inch Android with 2.3 OS, and also with its sale price, I think if you are looking for a budget tablet and home base use for this Christmas celebration, of as a gift, this is one of the interesting deal. (actually with a cheaper price, you may like to check out the Le Pan TC 970, it is only 198 USD, it may lacks of video call but very good for home base use)